Diogo Marques

Diogo Marques (Ph.D. in the Materialities of Literature, 2018, University of Coimbra) is a post-doctoral fellow at Universidade Fernando Pessoa (Porto), author of digital literature, curator of new media arts and translator of digital interactive fiction to Portuguese language. His current lines of interest focus on the confluence of artistic and scientific research, at the interstices of the holy triad “art, science and technology”. He is a founding member of Portuguese artist collective wr3ad1ng d1g1t5 (www.wreading-digits.com) and member of Artech – International Association of Computational Art; ELO – Electronic Literature Organization and CLP – Center for Portuguese Literature.


João Santa Cruz

Software Engineer, double daddy, musician, farmer and carpenter apprentice. Developing user experiences for +15 years now, JSC started by creating intranet browser applications. Searching for larger scale projects, moved to large scale development where seriously learned about web while the technology itself was growing. Went from static to full administrable, intranet and public websites, front/back-end applications, web-services, widgets, integrations, documentation, e-commerce and forums. Back in 2007, while exploring the web environment, JSC had built his own collection of tools, this is the framework he uses when developing his personal projects. Later, the passion to deliver content & features to the user, lead him to study about mobile platforms. After a four year period as a full-time mobile applications developer, JSC started to search for the next step. Freelance was the way. Since then he is working every day to find creative ways to deal with real life challenges.


Ana Gago

Degree in Communication Sciences and PhD student in “Heritage Studies” (School of Arts - Universidade Católica Porto), with previous experience in film production, advertising, and mostly as Communications Officer and Project Manager. Her research focuses on the intersections between Art, Heritage and cultural programming.


Ana Sabino


Bruno Martins


Carolina Martins


Mariana Oliveira

Micael Martins

Nuno Miguel Neves


Pedro Ferreira


Tiago Schwäbl


Valter Ramos


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