a eternidade dura uma hora @ Livraria Gato Vadio [TALK]

Presentation of the artist's book "a eternidade dura uma hora" ["eternity lasts one hour].
Moderated by Rui Torres, along with (re)combined readings by Nuno Meireles.
54 years after the Geneva Conferences of 1965, dedicated to the theme “The Robot, the Animal and the Man”, Calliope's primordial echo, “eternity lasts an hour”, is reprogrammed. Or at least part of it. Taking the form of a “book of hours”, containing 120 sentences distributed over 60 pages, the book is based on the account that Pedro Barbosa (“Literatura Cibernética”; “A Ciberliteratura”) and, through him, Fernando Namora (“Diálogo em Setembro”) made of the famous 1965 Geneva conferences, Diogo Marques and Ana Gago (wr3ad1ng d1g1t5), in collaboration with Ana Sabino, present an alternative edition that is also a tribute.

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a eternidade dura uma hora @ Livraria Gato Vadio [TALK]